The Writing Oasis

Glocalex’s Writing Oasis aims to encourage law students across various colleges, through a quality article writing competition to develop an original thought process and analyse not only international but also municipal contemporary issues adversely affecting the humankind. The pre-condition is to understand the role of law and to find innovative solutions to the problems. Our primary objective is to develop a sense of enthusiasm among law students towards legal research and provide them with an opportunity to exhibit their skills. The students participating will not only get a chance to win cash prizes, internship opportunities and publication at Glocalex but will also help them widen their perspective while elucidating on various legal aspects.

The Writing Oasis



First Writing Oasis - November 2020


Law and Global Catastrophic Risks

Public International Law - War Crimes, Terrorism and National Security

Democracies of the World

Trade and Commercial Laws

Human Rights and Policies

Immigration, Nationality and Citizenship

The First Writing Oasis - November 2020



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