End of Hongkong's Limited Autonomy - People See Britain as their Home

Beijing has crushed Hongkong as a separate democracy as the law passed by Beijing allows it to mete out severe punishment to anyone found guilty of secession, subversion, terrorism and collusion with external forces to threaten national security. It has been seen that the Chinese government is sending in its law enforcers.

Amid China's struggle to take control over Hongkong millions of Hongkong's residents are getting a chance to become British citizens. The UK is offering a special visa for Hongkong residents after china imposed a security law and crackdown on the territory pro-democracy movement. Hongkong was a British colony until its return to China in 1997 and the UK says the scheme fulfils a moral and historical commitment to the city’s residents and for its part china has called the visa offer a gross violation of its sovereignty.

A new Vienna citizenship scheme is another easier path for the people of Hongkong who want to leave the country or leave the territory because of the current political climate which is worsening day by day. According to the figures that over 5 million of Hongkong citizens are eligible for applying for the new scheme to move to the United Kingdom which accounts over 70% of the population in Hongkong. The United Kingdom has an estimate that in the next 5 years over 25000 people were actually to take the offer and emigrate to the United Kingdom. Considering 25000 is a huge number to bring a significant effect to Hongkong. It is not only the people leaving but also the capital talents professions that they will bring with them to the UK so it is not only the protestors activists and politicians. These people may seek political asylum in the united kingdom but now we’re talking about the ordinary citizens which account for the majority of the populations and the peaceful protestors that they will take the offer and at least considering to do so because they are not happy with the current situation in Hongkong especially after the protest and aftermath the implementation of the national security which makes many of the people feel unsafe in Hongkong and the freedoms that are being chipped away.

So most of them would be the middle class and educated and professional talents will consider taking the offer from the UK.

After the intrusion of Beijing through the enactment of the law to terminate democracy from the country, by taking advantage of the disruptions created by Covid19 in the world, the people do not see Hongkong as their home. I understand that democracy is not the best of governance for a country and due to its multiple forms which vary massively when we consider the enactment/execution of policies and some fundamental strands of governance, but it is the only form through which the countries of the world are prospering. China is considered as a democracy but forms it follows for the governance is not at par with the ideal form of democracy. Now that China has assumed control over Hongkong, it is hard for the people to live under the governance of a completely different form of democracy.

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